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Queen Cersei of House Lannister in Game of Thrones, drinking out of a 1500’s glass originating from Germany.
We have such glasses, item number 708.

The Christmas Calendar ‘A Thousand Years to Christmas Eve’ taught both children and adults about how people used to live.

In the eminent TV series History Eaters, shown on Swedish Television, a number of our products can be seen, glasses and cutlery.

In the Swedish television series, Anno 1790, many of our products participated. In this picture you can see our champagne glasses Linnaeus which have item number 762.

The opera performance “Beatrice and Benedict” at Läckö Castle, the summer of 2015. The opera is written by Berlioz, based on Shakespeares “Much ado about nothing,” and it was the first time this opera was ever given in Sweden.

Photographer Stockholm PMAGI AB

Gothic jug No. 917
Renaissance goblet No. 811